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Poser Communist Kids At Wear Outsourced Sweatshop Clothing

You won’t find Marx, Lenin, or Chairman Mao on our shirts, and you won’t find any black t-shirts in our collection, because every black t-shirt that CafePress sells is made by a company that uses sweatshop labor. However, you will find some strong progressive messages on our shirts, and you can be sure that all the shirts we sell through our CafePress shops are completely sweatshop-free.

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God’s Business Pays the Best?

This morning, while leafing through an absolutely horrid copy of Home Business magazine, I ran across the following advertisement: GOD’S BUSINESS PAYS THE BEST. Get paid to disciple others in the Word of God. This is a Multi-Generational Discipleship Program This appears to be

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Molly Ivins Gives Hillary Clinton What For

In the wake of yet another Hillary Clinton pander to the anti-liberty crowd, I read back to a January 20 column to find Molly Ivins saying exactly what I’m thinking: I’d like to make it clear to the people who run the Democratic Party that

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