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Bulk Discount Ramen Trivia

I know it’s trivial, but it makes my brain pop every weekend when I’m shopping at the local Kroger’s: Individual packages of ramen sell for 14 cents. Bulk packs of six ramen packages are listed for $1.19. This week, the ramen six-packs are on “sale”

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Market Based Madness In the Air

The market based system for air travel is so irrational and inefficient that it has required immense welfare payments from the federal government. Taxpayers who don’t even fly on airplanes are paying money to keep airlines from going bankrupt.

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Ethical Shirts Come, Ethical Shirts Go

Keeping only ethically made shirts in our shops requires a bit of work, but for us, it’s well worth the effort. The alternative is a world in which the values of Wal-Mart prevail.

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