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Problematic Prudence Predicted Four Years Ago

Four years ago this month, our sister site That’s My Congress predicted the unraveling of the Democratic control of Congress, even at the height of the Democrats’ return to power: “I read in the New York Times today that a variety of American corporations, figuring

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John Conyers Responds to Patriot Act Reauthorization With… Nothing

When American liberals questioned the record of some candidates being selected (without primaries) by the Democratic Party back in 2006, do you remember what the response was? With a Democratic majority in Congress, just “imagine” the changes! In particular, Democratic partisans asked liberal voters to

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Dave Sanders and the Politics of Fear

The Democrats of Indiana’s 4th congressional district would do better to find a new candidate who is willing to confront the right wing obsession with terrorists head on than to give Dave Sanders a 3rd chance to peddle his vision of fear.

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Does Jane Harman Care About Anyone But Herself?

Jane Harman hasn’t bothered to speak out against the abusive warrantless wiretapping done routinely against the American people. Today, however, Jane Harman has finally spoken out about warrantless wiretapping – because she says she was the victim.

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Bush Used Government Resources for GOP Campaigns

The report provides evidence that, in 2006, the Bush Administration was converted into a Republican congressional campaign office, with public officials being used to prop up faltering Republican congressional candidates.

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Even Minor FISA Amendments Act Amendment FAILS, Look for More

While primary elections splash their way across our television screens, the substantive train of legislative politics keeps right on chugging along in the background, taking this country to a dark destination. The FISA Amendments Act, a bill to institute six years of wiretapping and physical

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MegaDollar Military Fails Small Where Unity08 Aims Big

The corporate leaders of Unity08 say they aim to run their own first national secure online presidential nominating election on July 1, 2008. They haven’t raised even half a million dollars yet, money they say they will mainly spend on ballot access and recruiting people

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