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The Curious Case of Jerry Carroll for President

Jerry Carroll is a politically independent candidate for President who lives in Stockton, California, and has had the same post office box there for at least 11 years. Who is he, and why is he running in 2008? […]

Colorado 6th district a spooky place

There’s something very strange going on out there, something that mixes fear with a lot of anger, and then tilts reality 27 degrees to the side. There’s a small voice in the back of my mind, warning me that as goes the 6th congressional district of Colorado, so goes America. […]

Colorado Progressive Directory Updated

Even after the thril of the 2006 elections is over, we’ll keep on plugging away, working on projects like our nationwide progressive directory, to lend our support to the dedicated activists working to further progressive causes across America. […]

Bill Moyers for President Message Reverberates

After the publication of an essay in The Nation by Ralph Nader encouraging Bill Moyers to run for President, there are reverberations through the blogocube. Most of them are just republications of the original essay (Hello, myspace!). There are only a few people who follow Molly Ivins’ and Ralph Nader’s strategy and talk about the […]

How To Make Sure Your Vote is Counted

The Women Donors Network put a great full-page ad in papers across the country this morning, an ad in which they make four concrete suggestions for voters who want to make sure their vote counts. Frustratingly, their website — — contains nothing but a spiffy animation of a voting booth and a request that […]

Jean Schmidt’s Shadow

Peregrin Wood wrote about Jean Schmidt possibly being Photoshopped into a marathon to get a better time than she actually got. Commenters to his post write that, to them, it looks like the shadow would naturally be out of the picture.

I decided to take a look myself, finding a more complete version of the […]

Joseph Lieberman: Hardly a Conservative?

As Joseph Lieberman’s campaign to gain re-election to the Senate in Connecticut falters, defenders of Lieberman have tried trotting out another line: he’s “hardly a conservative”:

The Reaction:

But Lieberman isn’t some crazy Republican (even on Iraq). He’s no Ted Kennedy, of course, but nor is he anti-liberal. From all the bashing he’s been getting […]

Virginia Suffers Under Senate Race Idiocy

Both Webb and Allen ought to be ashamed of themselves for sacrificing the integrity of the Bill of Rights for the sake of political gain. I have a great deal of pity for the people of Virginia for having to choose between these two turkeys this fall. […]

Presumptions of Guilt: If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Everything to Fear

Over at Homeland Stupidity, Michael Hampton does a good job of answering the question: “If you have nothing to hide, then what do you have to fear?” His essay is a long and well-considered one with a number of hyperlinks to information and cases backing him up, but one paragraph of his is the keynote: […]

Video Podcast: Dennis Kucinich and Grizzly Adams?

Who is that man in the big beard standing with Dennis Kucinich? Here’s a hint: Way back when, Charlie Sheen played the idealist against his cynic. […]

New York’s 24th District Critic A Resident?

Yesterday, Jim wrote about Buddy Mac, a guy so upset with Irregular Times for having the audacity to criticize an anti-liberal slam by Democrat Michael Arcuri, who is running against Les Roberts and Bruce Tytler in the 24th district congressional race in Upstate New York.

The logic used by Buddy Mac to defend statements by […]