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progress and results from hillary clinton

Is Hillary Clinton Really A Progressive Who Gets Results?

Hillary Clinton calls herself “a progressive who gets results”. Is it true that Hillary Clinton is a progressive? Are the results that she gets progressive? Was it progressive when Hillary Clinton voted in favor of allowing George W. Bush to rush into war in Iraq?

Sad Rick Santorum

Going Out With a Whimper

“Nobody ever talks about Rick Santorum!” – Rick Santorum, January 28 2016 Rick, you are somebody.  And see, now I’m talking about you too.  That makes two.  Neither of us can go to an Iowa caucus, but if you want to come by my house we can

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Half Of Americans Want Warlike Religious President

The Pew Center for Religion and Public Life just came out with the results of a survey that glances across some trends relating to the collision of Americans’ religious attitudes and 2016 presidential politics. Among the results of the survey is the finding that: –

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