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the irony of Lawrence Lessig

Post Mortem On Lawrence Lessig Campaign Disaster

This weekend,, a political action committee set up to fund Lawrence Lessig’s presidential campaign, filed its final campaign finance papers with the FEC, showing how very narrow Lessig’s political support really was.

violent protesters in Los Angeles

Do Not Become The Hate That You Deplore

There is no plausible argument that can be made in favor of attacking other human beings and destroying police cars as a form of political opposition to a political candidate. The violence was completely pointless.

Greenland Ice Melt, 2016, compared to average and typical values for 1981-2010, source NSIDC

Greenland Ice Melt Spikes Far Beyond Normal in April 2016

In scientific assessment of variation, a typical broad measurement of what’s normally expected is the range between 2 standard deviations above the mean and 2 standard deviations below the mean. ┬áIn a normal distribution of events, 95% of events will have measurements within +/- 2

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