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the irony of Lawrence Lessig

Post Mortem On Lawrence Lessig Campaign Disaster

This weekend,, a political action committee set up to fund Lawrence Lessig’s presidential campaign, filed its final campaign finance papers with the FEC, showing how very narrow Lessig’s political support really was.

Amazon CEO

The Vampiric Passion Of Jeff Bezos

Your passion chooses you? If you’re an employee of Jeff Bezos, your passion chooses you, and then Amazon confiscates it from you because it interferes with the efficiency of your work.

seattle airport life is good shoppe

Life Is Bullshit: A Genuine Neighborhood Shoppe

Life Is Good isn’t really anything more than a memorable little slogan – and a dishonest one at that, sold at shops that aren’t shoppes, in places that aren’t neighborhoods, with guidelines that are anything but genuine.

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