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Donald Trump Summed Up in Six Seconds

42 Die in Apparent Midtown Fire Suicide

In a late-breaking development in the tri-city metro area, police commissioner Bunny Davis has asked for citizens’ help in making sense of last week’s tragic loss of life in a midtown fire that took the lives of 42 apartment dwellers.  According to Davis, multiple corroborated reports indicate that there was no sign of any blocked […]

Stop Children

Something’s happening here:

Dodecahedron of Despair

Caution: Oreos Are Falling Into Milk

Hold Still. I Want To Catch Your Hair.

There Ought to Be a Protest Here

What Looks Like a Strobelight and Sounds Like a Whoop Tone?

A photo of a sign taken in Boston. What is it? Do you know?

How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide Everywhere

We aim to demonstrate that, in fact, hydrogen peroxide can be used anywhere. […]

Twin Lobster Fantasy

Seen on the sidewalks of America:


How do they know? Sure, they might look the same, but that’s no guarantee, as Chris Dodd and Josef Stalin know.  Plus, maybe they’re fraternal twins, and how would you know that? 

I suspect a ruse.  People looking to fulfill their fantasy of cracking open and sucking out […]


The Cranberry Jello Revolution has begun!

Do not bring that gelatin to a boil.