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December 25 secular holiday

7 Alternatives To Christmas For December 25

Christmas has become politicized. This year, Christmas is not a simple, inoffensive cultural practice that all Americans can agree upon (in fact, it never was). The more zealous right wing politicians like Donald Trump use their trumped up claims of a War On Christmas to

Cheese plastic bag warning

What’s Bizarre This Week

Scientists have discovered a pond of water in Antarctica, just a few inches deep, that is so intensely saturated with salt that it remains liquid at minus 50 degrees Celsius. In the Florida panhandle, a small boat named Phantom of the Aqua that was abandoned

Emotive brand alien arms

Emotive Brand Recruits For Alien Overlords

Today, Emotive Brand published a promotional article on LinkedIn, the professional networking site run by “Microsoft”. The article promises “Secrets to a Great Employee Brand Story to Recruit Top Talent”. A likely story. Do you notice anything strange about this image, which accompanied the Emotive

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