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Donald Trump Michael Flynn

Who Else In The White House Has Been Blackmailed By Vladimir Putin?

Weeks ago, Donald Trump was sent a message by Acting Attorney General Sally Yates warning that the government of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin might be blackmailing National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Flynn, Yates told Trump, had been in unauthorized contact with a Russian diplomat, Sergey

Donald Trump says the protesters are getting paid. That'd be a $373.5 Million at minimum for the Women's March on January 21.

President Donald Trump Uncovers $373.5 Million Protest Payment Plan

President Donald Trump claims to know somehow that all those anti-Trump protesters are actually being paid to engage in activism: But let’s do the math. Academic estimates of attendance at the January 21, 2017 Women’s Marches alone top 4.15 million people.  The Women’s March lasted 5

Trump asks about Nazis now

Donald Trump Asks: Are We Living In Nazi Germany?

“Are we living in Nazi Germany?” This rhetorical question was Donald Trump’s response to what people are now calling Golden Showers Gate. It’s a scandal growing out of a purported intelligence report detailing an Donald Trump’s alleged cooperation with Russian spies attacking the United States

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