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Death Haiku

The pursuit of death is the scent that brings this bee hungry to the bloom.

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Onion Skin

A leaf underground, tart with toxic defenses, blooms white in the sun.

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One night I had the oddest dream of walking on the beach I had really groovy shorts on and my shirt was colored peach Daiquiri? A blinding flash across the sky caused me to lift my head Scenes from my life before my eye Bright

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The Ode of the Black Howler

The young man lay alone at night, His head against a root. His nose was frosty with the snow His face was black with soot. But he was warm, he swore, he swore, Before the howl made at his foot, the howling at his foot.

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Limerick Open Thread (Kill Prop 8 Edition)

In November of 2010 California will try it again With Repeal of Prop 8 For the Golden Gate State Barbie could marry Midge and Not Ken Tell me all about news of the day It’s your turn, so go on, have your say Share what’s

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Cormorant Hermit Crab Duet

Dunk, swim. Where is it? Flash! Jumping mackerel. I’ve got one! Wriggling silver in the bill. Put it in the bucket. Flip, catch, swallow. Look, it’s coming out.

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