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Third Case Bush had to Squelch with Protect America Act

In work overnight, J. Clifford has made an interesting suggestion: that George W. Bush pushed so hard and so fast for the Congress to pass the Protect America Act of 2007 because he was in imminent danger of having the full extent of his administration’s

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Update on Total Information Awareness Cases and Protect America Act

There’s a program to use supercomputers to route huge amounts of Internet activity, including emails, financial transactions, and who knows what else, into National Security Agency databases. The Protect America Act was rushed through Congress just when that program was about to be exposed – during the August recess.

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Is Protect America Act About Hepting v. AT&T?

On August 15, there is a hearing scheduled in the Hepting v. AT&T court case. The government had lost the argument that its supposed state secrets could be kept out of the court. So, what was to be learned in this August 15 hearing? Was the Protect America Act rushed into law in order to prevent something like Total Information Awareness from being revealed at the August 15th hearing?

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