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What Torture Looks Like

12 miles driven so far this week Before they vote to legalize torture, George W. Bush and every member of the House and Senate should read Sunday’s essay by Chilean-American author Ariel Dorfman: A large-boned man, gaunt and yet strangely flabby, with eyes like a

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Joseph Lieberman: Hardly a Conservative?

As Joseph Lieberman’s campaign to gain re-election to the Senate in Connecticut falters, defenders of Lieberman have tried trotting out another line: he’s “hardly a conservative”: The Reaction: But Lieberman isn’t some crazy Republican (even on Iraq). He’s no Ted Kennedy, of course, but nor

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Virginia Suffers Under Senate Race Idiocy

Both Webb and Allen ought to be ashamed of themselves for sacrificing the integrity of the Bill of Rights for the sake of political gain. I have a great deal of pity for the people of Virginia for having to choose between these two turkeys this fall.

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