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Mohammed Comic Strip: A Call for Apology, and Apology Ensues

Yesterday, a self-professed Muslim from the Netherlands posted the following message in response to a roughly-drawn comic strip displaying Mohammed talking about recent death threats against people who draw pictures of Mohammed. Yes, it’s very meta, I know. But still, we got this response from

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Tiptoe Through the Blogosphere With Me

What others are writing about: 1. The power of Al Gore’s oratory is not to be denied, but he’s not the only one who’s been talking about Bush’s executive power grab. Denny at Where We’re Bound offers the text of Senator Robert C. Byrd’s speech

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Revealed: Christian Religious Monitors Sit In on Movie Ratings Boards

Tucked away in this New York Times cultural review are the following paragraphs: Director pals told him what he suspected already: the secretive, too-powerful Motion Picture Association of America was hammering independent filmmakers with tough ratings while letting the major studios off easy. You couldn’t

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