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Name This Texture

What’s this texture? Hint: It’s not an echidna.

Identify This Texture

Hint: It’s not part of an echidna.

Better Dead Than…

What does this image show? A clue is provided in the title to this article, but honestly, I never would have figured it out. It’s not the typical view we expect of this subject.

So, to uncover the true identity of this image, click here.


Amid Pats on the Back Over Civility, Old Media Misses NSA Cybersecurity Story

Look deep into this picture and glaze your eyes to find out how many “traditional media” newspapers have, in between pats on the back over their refusal to utter words like “poo,” bothered to provide any coverage of the agenda revealed in Senate hearings today to put the National Security Agency in charge of cybersecurity.


Political Stereogram: Coverage and Days Left for Patriot Act and FISA Reform

Look deep and hard at these images and you will find answers to these questions:

How Many Days Left Until the House Judiciary Committee Marks Up H.R. 3845, a Bill to Reauthorize Provisions of the Patriot Act Until 2013, and H.R. 3846, a Bill to Reform the FISA Amendments Act?

How Many Newspaper Articles […]

Which Tree Stump Is The Virgin Mary?

One of these is the stump in Rathkeale, Ireland that local Catholics insist is the Virgin Mary. So, can you tell which one of these stumps is a holy virgin, and which of them are less pure? […]

Which District Is At The Forefront Of US Space Efforts?

Can any of you, without using a search engine to look for the phrase “are in the forefront of the nation’s space efforts”, identify the state and the congressional district, and the member of Congress who was talking about them? […]

Can You Guess The National Emergency?

Below is President Obama’s message to the Senate about the national emergency. I’ve taken out the identifying information about this particular supposed national emergency in order to make a challenge for you: Can you, without peeking at the Congressional Record, tell me what this emergency is? […]

Pile-On Cryptogram

The following is a cryptogram, a code in which each letter has been systematically and consistently replaced by another. Can you crack the code?


Bonus points if you can name the source and the context.

Pre-Halloween Historical Cryptogram

A historical cryptogram to get you in the mood before Halloween. […]

The Fire Next Time? Current Events Cryptogram

The following is a question I consider appropriate to the Judiciary Committee hearings on Patriot Act reauthorization to be held later this week. I’ve typed it out as a cryptogram, however. A cryptogram is a kind of code in which every letter of the alphabet is replaced by another letter of the alphabet. For example, […]