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Congressional Cryptogram

A cryptogram of a quote from a member of Congress this week – can you figure it out? […]

Cosponsorship Networks in the U.S. Senate as of March 1, 2009

Cosponsorship, the act of registering one’s name as an official supporter of a bill, is a common activity in the United States Senate. Although the 111th Congress is less than two months old, 1753 cosponsorships for 495 Senate Bills and 11 Senate Joint Resolutions have been officially registered. That’s an average of 3 cosponsorships per […]

Chess Bingo: Educational Tool for Young Kids Learning Chess

For about a year now, I’ve been volunteering at a local elementary school to teach chess to kids in the 2nd through 5th grade. Over that time I’ve come to realize that teaching young children is not at all like teaching an adult. I could tell you that a knight moves either two squares horizontally […]

McCain-Obama Debate Cards for October 15, 2008: Play Games With History

This is your last chance! In case you somehow slept through all three general election debates, dozens of candidate forums and scores of primary-round debates, tonight’s debate at 9 pm Eastern is your last chance to see the candidates for the 2008 presidential election spar on the issues that matter most for our nation’s future… […]

McCain-Obama Debate Bingo Cards for September 26 2008

Tonight the First Presidential Debate between John McCain and Barack Obama will be aired on TV at 9 PM on just about all the network news stations, and we are all prepared to …

… to what? Learn something new? You know, the differences between Obama and McCain are pretty clear to those who’ve been […]

Unity08 Soldiers On, Seeking to Revive itself with Even More MegaLoans

Despite protestations to the contrary by Unity08 staffers, Unity08 did not shut down when it and the Draft Bloomberg committee shared the same business address. It’s not just that the website itself said that Unity08 was “forced to scale back – not cease – our operations.” Unity08 has had its lawyers file a motion […]

Liberal Political Sudoku #15: That Is My Religion

Click here to view and print our 15th in a series of irregular liberal political sudoku. Instructions for completing this puzzle are handily present on the same page as the puzzle itself.

To help you along in solving today’s puzzle, here’s a clue: Appearing in the sudoku grid is an adjective commonly used as a […]

Daily Sudoku has died; Daily Sudoku has risen; Daily Sudoku will come again

Let us pray.

I’m visiting for a few days and don’t have regular internet access, so I’ll have to put Daily Liberal Sudoku on the back burner. Look for it to come on back before the new year.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a fact that made me go “hmmmm.” It turns out […]

Daily Liberal Sudoku #1: “I AM The Federal Government!”

Yesterday, I shared with you my obsession for sudoku, the spare yet satisfying Japanese logic puzzle. Today, I’m inaugurating a new feature at Irregular Times that I hope you’ll find to be a fun diversion from our religious and political angst: daily liberal sudoku.

As in classic sudoku, the object of liberal sudoku is to […]