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New Age Neuroscience conference

The Rainbow Connection

Anonymous sources within Apple, Amazon, and Fiona’s Crystals independently verify that tech conferences and New Age psychic fairs are in talks over the terms of a merger of their events calendars. “It’s creating negative energy for us to duplicate each other’s efforts,” explained Jeff Bezos.

Airport Security 50 Years From Now

Half a century from now, airport security will be formally recognized as the religious ritual that it is. People will go to security chapels in their own neighborhoods to remove their shoes, Empty their bags, and walk through magical gates, relinquishing all large tonsils of

Christians Against Health Care

Donald Trump Declares The National Day Of Faith Healing

In almost the same breath, Donald Trump declared today to be a National Day of Prayer and issued an executive order allowing religiously-run hospitals to deny people medical care, using their religious beliefs as an excuse. Then, Trump celebrated the passage of a bill in

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