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Mohammed Comics Continued: Muslims Infantilizing the Prophet

The row over a Danish newspaper publishing twelve images of Mohammed is getting more heated. People are chanting “Death to Denmark” in Pakistan. Ambassadors are being recalled. Scandanavians are being told to evacuate the Middle East. A French news paper, France Soir, republished the images

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Ram Bomjon and Temptation

If Ram Bomjan is really the new Buddha, then why can he not withstand simple temptation of distraction, as Siddhartha Guatama did?

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Liberal Political Sudoku #15: That Is My Religion

Click here to view and print our 15th in a series of irregular liberal political sudoku. Instructions for completing this puzzle are handily present on the same page as the puzzle itself. To help you along in solving today’s puzzle, here’s a clue: Appearing in

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