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Update: The Ramifications of Gay Marriage in Spain

Checking out weather conditions in Spain again: Hmmm, no. I still don’t see any fronts of locusts coming in. No hellfire or brimstone either. It’s not even cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Where in tarnation is God’s punishment for the legalization of same-sex marriage?

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Amateur Lesbians? The Mystery of Parachutist V. Arch

Today I got a piece of spam in the mail from one “Parachutist V. Arch” with the subject heading “Amateur lesbians shaving.” Leaving to one side the name “Parachutist V. Arch” (ah, what a great name), I’ve got to say: Amateur lesbians? I didn’t know

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Framing Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is a hot topic lately. Have you noticed that? So I’ve been giving it some thought and doing some reading here and there, and I’ve found some very nice pieces out there in the blogosphere. Here’s an example at Rockridge Institute. We value

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