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Donald Trump Blue Collar Worker

Donald Trump Claims To Be A Blue Collar Worker

Donald Trump has never needed to do any physical labor in his life. He’s always had the money to hire other people to do that for him. He acts as if he owns blue collar workers, often refusing to pay them for their work.

proper cloth prissy shirts made in malaysia

Proper Cloth Builds Its Fussy Brand On Cheap Overseas Factories

Proper Cloth doesn’t admit that its outsourcing practices are cutting corners, of course. They prefer to use terms like “supply chain and logistics” and “streamline operations” to “deliver a better value” to refer to the way that they outsource work to foreign factories with sloppy standards.

A vulgar, explicit, degrading, anti-woman t-shirt is the #1 Seller at Donald Trump's presidential campaign speeches.

The Top-Selling Shirt at Trump Rallies: What Does it Say?

Outside Donald Trump’s presidential campaign speech in the city of Bangor today, a vulgar shirt was for sale all around the event.  One one side the shirt read “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica.”  On the other side the shirt read “Trump That Bitch.”  The

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