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Wizards Against War

As The Lord Of The Rings Progresses, Gandalf increases his drumbeat for war, urging more armies to be built, and berating everyone who dares to stand against his crusade, casting anyone who seeks peace as naive and dangerous, a tool of The Enemy.

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Peace Giraffe

The giraffe does not need to roar or attack to be secure. Can we say the same for ourselves?

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T. Rex Went Extinct Due To Poor Social Networking

Their claws were too clumsy to type updates on Facebook. They could use Google Plus, but nobody else was on there. Their arms were too short to shake hands or to exchange business cards. Don’t believe the just-so-story that Tyrannosaurus Rex went extinct because of

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Kill Your Car

Cars are doing us more harm than good. Cars pollute the air and water. They clutter up the land with roadways and parking lots. Cars encourage not just the burning of fossil fuels, but drilling, too, resulting in significant ecological degradation. Cars fill our neighborhoods

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Donations: Partnership for Civil Justice and Coffee Kids

Each time we sell a made-in-the-USA liberal political t-shirt at Skreened, we set aside one dollar to donate to a liberal political cause and another dollar to better the economic condition of poor people outside the United States. This month, our domestic political donation goes

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Death Is The Ultimate Conformity

Finally, you’re willing to settle down and fit in, with a sarcastically smiling skull announcing that you are eventually going to be like everyone else… when you die.

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