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A Mystery for 2008: Who’s Behind Evan Bayh?

Evan Bayh, Evan Bayh. Everywhere I turn, it seems, there’s somebody listing Indiana Senator Evan Bayh as a “major contender” for the presidency in 2008. At first glance, it’s hard for me to see why Bayh would be considered a “major contender.” Of all Democratic

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Christian News: Dover Disaster Watch

Cue tympanies! Bring in the haunting cello strings… aaaaand finish with the snare drum roll. Right, now…cut to our anchor! This is Hugh Smiley with the Fundamentalist Broadcasting Network. We bring to you breaking news from our Minister of Information, Marion “Pat” Robertson, in reaction

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Freeway Blogging Goes Local

Freeway blogging is the practice of placing protest signs along a highway so that thousands of commuters can read messages of dissent. Up to now, the practice was organized on a catch-as-catch can basis nationally, with people engaging in individual acts wherever they were and

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