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Are “The Minority Groups Supporting Donald Trump?” Fact Check.

Earlier this week, visitor John Simmons made the claim that “even the minority groups are supporting Trump.” When we pressed him to show support for this claim Simmons replied, “Ummm it’s as simple as doing a search for ‘blacks Muslims support trump’ on you tube.”

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Presidential Candidate Stickers and Buttons: What Sold in 2015

For a long time now, we’ve covered the costs of publishing Irregular Times by selling buttons and bumper stickers that support left-leaning politics and oppose right-leaning politics. These include stickers and buttons for left-leaning presidential candidates and against right-leaning presidential candidates. With the passing of

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Fact Check: Does Donald Trump Have Strong Minority Support?

One of the most important tasks of independent sources of information during a political campaign is to keep track of the simple accuracy of information, comparing the assertions people make in pursuit of election with the available facts. So, when John Simmons, one of the

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