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Reform Party Limps Toward 2016

20 years ago, businessman Ross Perot used his wealth to create a new political party, the Reform Party. The Reform Party pledged to work for balanced federal budgets and congressional term limits, but popular support for Ross Perot fell apart, and aside from the election

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Washington D.C. Hit By Terrorist Attack!

An office building at 453 New Jersey Ave SE in Washington, D.C. was emptied when it became the target of a terrorist attack yesterday. An envelope mailed to the building contained a white powder and a note reading, “Die a painful death, Muslims.” The building

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Actually, Shootings, And All Killings, Are Down

It seems that everyone wants to get in on the panic. Michael McCune writes in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette that “Mass shootings have become so much a part of American life that I no longer flinch when I see bullet-riddled bodies on the news.” Mark Monford

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Bob Goodlatte Talks Like There’s A Terrorism Crisis, Acts Like We Need An Oil Change

The day after Goodlatte sent a letter to the President warning that Syrian refugee Islamic State terrorists are poised to exploit every single opportunity to attack the United States, in a bloody onslaught that will devastate our country from coast to coast, Goodlatte has closed up his committee, left Washington D.C., and is preparing to settle in with his family tomorrow for a peaceful Thanksgiving turkey dinner followed by a nice long nap. Crisis? I don’t think so.

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