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The U.S. Senate, For Two-Thirds Of America, All Of The Time

Only 50 percent of Americans participate in religious rituals even once per month, so why is the U.S. Congress opened with a Christian religious ritual every day? […]

Lack Of Belief And Lack Of Compassion – What’s The Connection?

This week, a study of children’s behavior published in the journal Current Biology concludes that children who are raised by religious families are less compassionate than children who are raised in non-religious households. Specifically, children from Christian families were less likely to share with others and were more likely to be judgmental of other children, […]

Pew Forum Survey Shows Unitarian Universalism Wandering Deeper Into Irrelevance

Yesterday, I wrote about one particularly odd finding in the latest survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life: In New York State, the survey says that there are less than half as many atheists as people who don’t believe in God.

Today, I want to focus on another finding by the […]

People Who Don’t Believe In God Outnumber Atheists More Than 2 To 1 In New York

Perhaps there are aspects of being “atheist” besides not believing in God that many New Yorkers don’t want to associate themselves with. […]

What? Your Company Is ISO Certified!?! That’s Amazing!

I just got sent a pitch that centered around the following story: “We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Web Design Company.”

That’s a short story, right?

The International Organization for Standardization claims that “over one million” companies and organizations are ISO certified.

Google shows 39 million web pages claiming ISO 9001 certification.

If there are […]

Question Questioning

What are you unwilling to question?

When Personal Means A Fraud That Comes From An Impoverished Country Halfway Around The World

Lucky you, have the power to outsource work through an American company that profits from the economic and social vulnerability of people living in the Philippines. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay more than $9 per hour to have someone write “personal” replies to someone that you don’t care enough about to write to yourself, right? […]

Create, Don’t Consume

Creation without consumption leads only to death. […]

What Are You Looking At?

What is this? Where is it?

Princess Michael Says You Don’t Have Rights Unless You Pay Taxes

I think I’m going to start calling myself the Duke of New Jersey and declare that people only have rights if they eat vegetables every day. […]