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Arsenicum album pseudomedicine

In What Way Are Moon Drops Whole Foods?

The Whole Foods supermarket is selling industrially manufactured fake medicines, promising to bring health benefits that haven’t been supported by any empirical research. In what way does that match the promise of whole foods?

purple root vegetable

Get Cruciferous With The Rutabaga Revolution

Rutabagas that mature in the heat of summer taste less sweet than those that are planted in the summer, but then reach their peak in after the leaves have fallen. Rutabagas also sing. As seen below, they sing a song called The Shaman.

seattle airport life is good shoppe

Life Is Bullshit: A Genuine Neighborhood Shoppe

Life Is Good isn’t really anything more than a memorable little slogan – and a dishonest one at that, sold at shops that aren’t shoppes, in places that aren’t neighborhoods, with guidelines that are anything but genuine.

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