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How Democracy Works in America

1. Wealthy socialite and daughter of former president declares interest in becoming United States Senator.

2. Wealthy socialite gets in touch with billionaire mayor of the Big Apple.

3. Billionaire mayor deploys top aide to contact powerholders across New York State with message that wealthy socialite’s appointment to the US Senate is inevitable, “so get […]

What should Barack Obama ask of us?

I’m inclined to add a subtitle to this post: “…and why shouldn’t we all just go ahead and do it anyway?” In my ideal world, we Americans wouldn’t need a Dear Leader to tell us what we ought to do to better our own lives; we’d just figure it out on our own and proceed […]

Indications of Trouble in Ohio Voting?

Where I live in Franklin County, Ohio, lines were so long for the presidential election of 2004 that some people waited six hours in line to vote. Turnout in 2008 is expected to be even higher.

How will things go here on Tuesday? Well, if you go by the smoothness of early voting there’s […]

News Flash: Mortgage Corportation is now "Socialist"

Georgia Newsom of Sylva, North Carolina writes in today’s Asheville Citizen-Times against the candidacy of Barack Obama by pointing to what she calls “socialism”:

“Why complain? Government intervention, especially Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, programs run by the government with roots going back to the 1930s, has already triggered and contributed to a financial meltdown […]

Diversity of Forms: Obama Gear Across States

Is this a sign that the Obama gear supply chain, like the Obama campaign generally, is locally based and responsive to what is locally wanted and available?, […]

Seven Days, Seven Syllables: Sum Up Bush

We have seven days, just seven days, until someone is elected to replace George W. Bush.

In commemoration of that blissfully short time, can you sum up the Bush presidency in seven syllables?

The Empty Line for McCain and Palin

When I went to the Columbus Barack Obama rally in February 2008, people began lining up the night before. Showing up two hours and ten minutes before the McCain-Palin rally here in Columbus, I hopped right to the front of line. Right now, I am the line.

Oh, look. Here comes someone else.

Book Review: Once Upon A Time in the North

As a follow-up to the successful His Dark Materials trilogy of novels (adapted disastrously to film last year as The Golden Compass), Philip Pullman has published a new story entitled Once Upon A Time in the North. Although the story has been published in book form, don’t let that fool you into thinking you’ve got […]

McCain and Palin Scrape for Ohio Audience

For a couple of days now, the presidential campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin has been sending me e-mails urging me to come to Vienna, Ohio to help demonstrate support for their ticket. If I would sign up online to get a ticket to see their ticket, staffers wrote, that sure would be great.