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irregular actionThe following are excerpts of novels of mine that remain, as a matter of principle, unfinished. My next project is to complete a big 300 page novel about the life of a Manhattan sharecropper who finds that his conception of the world is not enough to deal with the complexities of high society in a small Kansas community which is still recovering from the previous year's fall corn festival, set against the historical intrigues of the McCarthy Hearings' little known persecution of Kansas entertainers purported to dislike Oleo. Of course, I'd be writing for a very specific audience.

Oh, the Night! by Irregular Jonathan

Ah, this Love! by Irregular Jonathan

Ach, the Pain! by Jonathan L'Irreguleur

Ah, but there is both dark and light in life. Some books we have allowed to be born. These little babies of ours survive, all bound up as if in swaddling clothes, at Irregular Books

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