IRREGULAR TIMESWhat We Learned From George W. Bush's "Reassuring" Address to the Nation Last Night

George W. Bush still doesn't have a plan for how to get American troops out of Iraq and is still refusing to set a timetable for doing so.

Before he invaded and started the American occupation of Iraq, George W. Bush complained that there was no time to be patient with weapons inspectors because Iraq had huge stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction with which he could attack the United States at any time. Now, when those weapons of mass destruction cannot be found, and Bush's plan for a stable American dictatorship over Iraq has fallen apart, Bush begs the American people to be patient with him, saying "This will take time." A responsible leader encourages patience in the interests of peace, not as an excuse to prevent criticism of a reckless rush to war.

George W. Bush is asking for more than 80 billion dollars for just the next year of his occupation of Iraq. How many years will the occupation take when in the first half-year, the situation has gone from bad to worse? Multiply that number of years by 80 billion dollars, then add the nearly 100 billion dollars Bush has already spent on the war, and you've got the super-duper hundreds of billions of dollars that Bush's Folly in Iraq will cost the American people. Bush tells us that "we will spend what is necessary to achieve this essential victory". Oh, that's reassuring, all right!

Before he began his Wars Against Evildoers, George W. Bush peppered every speech with the names of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, telling the American people that the wars were necessary in order to capture those "evildoers". Now that his wars have failed to even find, much less get rid of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush is afraid to mention their names in his speeches. America needs a President who doesn't try to restate the goals of his wars when things don't go his way.

Bush says that the continuing American military occupation of Iraq is "critical to our security". But he doesn't mention that Iraq only became a real threat to American security after the American invasion and occupation began. Oops. Since George W. Bush began his supposed War On Terror, the number of terrorist attacks has increased, not decreased.

George W. Bush tells the American people that "the surest way to avoid attacks on our own people is to engage the enemy where he lives and plans." However, the plain fact is that in the decade before the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the American military, Iraqis were responsible for precisely zero killings of Americans. Now, in less than half a year since the beginning of Bush's war in Iraq, Iraqis have killed hundreds of Americans. Is that what Bush thinks "the surest way to avoid attacks on our own people"? We wonder. You see, for people outside the Bush White House, hundreds is a bigger amount than zero. Apparently, Bush himself disagrees with that calculation. Folks, we need a President who doesn't engage in this kind of dangerous fuzzy math.

Keep on reassuring us, Mr. Bush. We're waiting.

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