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Bush Outage 2004

IRREGULAR TIMESPower Outage? Bush Outage!

Summer 2003 brought a monster power outage to New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Winter 2003 brought ice storms with lingering electrical outages to the Carolinas. Power outages like these sap us of energy, endangering the weak and reducing the rest of us to stunted silence. Power outages like these we don't need.

If we must have some sort of outage, let us have a Bush Outage instead. Eerily like an outage of electrical power, the Bush Administration has sapped our nation of its vital energies. Justice and equality? Tell that to someone rotting in jail, without trial, without evidence, for the crime of missing paperwork. Truth? Tell that to the weapons inspectors U.S. forces won't allow to enter Iraq. Human kindness? Hundreds of dead Americans, tens of thousands of dead Iraqis. Economic vitality? 2.6 million jobs lost in America.

In medicine, the Hippocratic oath asks doctors to first do no harm. Any treatment that hurts more than it helps must be removed. In politics, Bush has been the first to do harm. The damage wrought by his action cries out for his removal. Fortunately, an opportunity for his removal is fast approaching.

It is high time for a Bush Outage. A Bush Outage in 2004 would put an end to unjust and unchallenged detention. A Bush Outage would bring the war-of-the-year approach to diplomacy to a halt. A Bush Outage would remove the cookie jar from the outstretched hands of Dubya's fatcat contributors. Bush's removal could add so much back to this country.

Like a power outage, a Bush Outage can be accomplished with the flick of a switch. Yours. At the polling station.

Have you registered to vote? Have you determined to set aside that Tuesday in November? Together, we can accomplish something greater than any positive policy could. In 2004, we will use our electoral power to stop this nation's decline.

Use these stickers and these shirts to spread the word. Remind your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors to be there when and where they are needed.

Bush Outage 2004.

Power to the People; Blackout Bush

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Bush Outage 2004 Tee Shirt

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