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business school geek The 5 Characteristics of Some People
Who Are Purported To Have
Done Quite Well For Themselves Indeed:

A Seminar of Self Management by Irregular Times and Company, Associates, Etc., Incarcerated, All Rights Relinquished,
15 Percent Gratuity Added for Parties of 20 and Above

Corporate Summary and Product List

(1) Effective Resource Management

Individuals who have done well for themselves rarely pay good money for products that claim to be able to help them make more money. For more information, order our publication Why Buying Personal Productivity Products is Counter-Productive, for only $39.95 (Deluxe version, including monogrammed bookmark only $59.95).

(2) Risk Taking

Those who have made it far in the world are not afraid to take chances when presented with the opportunity to make a good investment.
Send us $100 and see whether or not we send you $150 in return*. Hurry! This offer will continue only as long as supplies (yours) last.
*We charge a 10 percent commission fee.

(3) Independent Decision Making

Successful individuals make most important decisions on their own instead of relying on consultants who may have specialized information but have failed to become successful themselves.

Irregular Times and Company, Associates, Etc. . . . has a staff of organizational experts who can analyze your business for excessive use of outside consultation. Our team will, for a small additional fee, compile a recommended course of remedial consultation in which managers and executive officers will receive instruction in how to make their own decisions.

(4) Self-Awareness

Top dogs invariably are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. Their self-assessment is independent of the opinions of others. Irregular Times and Associated Minions has produced an easy to take personal assessment inventory entitled You are Special and Wonderful and Absolutely Unique, which informs you of your own level of self-awareness.

(5) Tolerance

Effective leaders have a strong sense of self, yet are able to accept the different abilities and shortcomings of others. Our diversity training manual, If I'm Okay and You're Okay, Then One Of Us Has To Go, shows you the only correct way in which to deal with differences in the workplace. Those who have chosen not to use it are stupid and not worth doing business with anyway.

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