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So there I was, trapped in Dallas, Texas. A "business trip", they called it, but it was more like a psychedelic trip. Even the local NPR station was promoting the Republican faith-based free-base version of politics, with uncontested, fawning long interviews with the Chair of the Republican Committee of Texas.

It was dusk, and the hazy brown smog of Dallas was fading away, to cover the moon instead of the sun. The stars at night are not big and bright deep in the heart of Texas anymore. They're covered up by air pollution.

I ambled past the Pizza Hut and CompUSA headquarters, not knowing how I could ever find my way outside of the appalling Dallas sprawl, when I heard a jangle come out from behind an over-groomed stand of Yuccas. A young guy with slicked back hair and thick-rimmed glasses was playing a song on an acoustic guitar. The words went something like this:

There goes my money
With someone new
He sure looks happy
I sure feel blue
Those were my taxes
I still pay in
But he's a rich guy
He helped Bush win

bush's evil empireBye bye Bush
Bye bye deficits
He's so compassionless
He doesn't even try
Bye bye Bush
Bye bye joblessness
Hello happiness
It's too bad for the rich guy,
Goodbye to Bush, goodbye

So Halliburton
still pays Cheney
He was their leader
before our VP
87 Billion
goes to their bank
with no competition
There's Bush to thank

Buy, buy Bush
Buy, buy high access
Hello shamelessness
The oilmen aren't shy
Buy, Buy Bush
Saddam's weaponless
But hello Iraq mess
It doesn't matter why
They'll buy that Bush and lie

I'm through with Bushes
I'm through with war
I want the good times
we had before
He can take his Rumsfeld,
his Ashcroft too,
'cause come November
his time is through

Bye bye Bush
Bye bye embarrassment
He's not our President
Supreme Court let him by
Bye, bye Bush
We're going to make you pay
On Election Day
It's time to say goodbye
Goodbye George Bush, Goodbye

It's a pretty strong omen when the ghost of Buddy Holly returns, wandering the backwards corners of America, foretelling the end of the ribald reign of George W. Bush. As Christopher Guest would say, there's a mighty wind that's blowing. George W. Bush's corruption and violence are sending too many people packing off to the Land of the Dead, and damn it, the dead won't take it any more!

Dead pop singers unite to Dump Bush!

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