Liberal California Gear: Love Equality Versus Proposition 8 Shirts, Environmental Protection Pins and CA Election Stickers from Irregular Times

The state of California has a lot of issues on its plate. There's the rejection of marriage equality by intolerant Californians and an illiberal court, there's the busting of the budget in Sacramento, there's the perpetual issue of immigration and there are threats to the integrity of Golden State ecosystems on land and offshore. Fortunately, there are a lot of Californians who care about these problems and are committed to finding a progressive solution to them.

You're a Californian who cares, who works for positive change. Promote the causes you care about with one of these liberal California t-shirts (made ethically in Los Angeles by American Apparel), or a Protect the Farallon Islands bumper sticker, or a California Green Party button. Your order will be processed securely and swiftly by Zazzle.

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