Hillary Clinton T-Shirts on a Democratic Phenomenon

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Long after the 2008 election season has gone, Hillary Clinton remains a gripping figure, as a former first lady, a former senator, and a current diplomatic juggernaut as Secretary of State. For multiple generations of Americans, Hillary Clinton remains an inspirational icon. Show your support for Hillary Clinton when you wear one of these made-in-the USA t-shirts.
No More Dynasties, No More Bushes, No More Clintons T-Shirt
Have you had it up to here with the notion that political leadership in the United States of America... [more]

The Impeachment Deal (Political Humor T-Shirt)
Tell you what... you let us Impeach Bush, and you can Impeach Clinton when she takes office in 2009.... [more]

I Wanted Hillary, But I'm Voting Obama Sweat-Free T-Shirt
A permanent marker is shown being drawn across the Hillary for President icon, and written words declare,... [more]

Ohio Votes For Hillary Clinton (Pro-Clinton Light Blue Text Shirt)
Ohio votes for Hillary Clinton! Share your pride for Ohio and for Senator Clinton with this Pro-Clinton... [more]

Ohio Votes For Hillary Clinton (Pro-Clinton Dark Blue Text Shirt)
Ohio votes for Hillary Clinton! Share your pride for Ohio and for Senator Clinton with this Pro-Clinton... [more]

Illinois for Hillary Clinton Distressed Varsity Style Aged Shirt
"This distressed-style shirt has been aged to provide an aged yet timeless touch to the message, one... [more]

Texas for Clinton (Campaign 2008 Pro-Clinton Shirt)
Texas Democrats know the sting of defeat and the long, last joy of victory over long odds. They know... [more]

The Face of Hillary Clinton: A Portrait in Blue
Sometimes, a face is all you need to send your message. So it is with Hillary Clinton. Send your message... [more]

I Heart Clinton (Campaign T-Shirt for Hillary Clinton)
Show your support for Hillary Clinton with this "I Heart Clinton" T-Shirt, made in the USA by non-sweatshop... [more]

Hillary Clinton Flower Shirt
You don't have to support Hillary Clinton with bombast and barking. If you're of the flowery sort, go... [more]

Hillary Clinton: President (Baseball - Style Jersey)
"Support Hillary Clinton Pennant-Style with this script campaign shirt marking her run for President... [more]

Rosie the Riveter Endorses Hillary Clinton -shirt)
"Rosie the Riveter issues her endorsement: Clinton!

This and every shirt... [more]

Young Americans for Hillary Clinton Campaign T-Shirt
Show your support as a young American for Hillary Clinton as she runs for President in 2008. All right...... [more]

I Supported Hillary Clinton Before It Was Cool T-Shirt
You know that feeling you get about a band, before anybody else does? It's that feeling you have about... [more]

Groovy Chicks for Clinton
Don't just follow the standard path of typical patriotic stars and flags with your support for the campaign... [more]

Hillary Clinton She Has My Vote
Confront the Hillary bashers of the right wing who want to take America backwards into the hates of the... [more]

Hillary '08 Democratic Cleanup Shirt
Who is the best candidate to clean up the mess that George W. Bush and the Republicans have made of America?... [more]

Vote Clinton 2008 Campaign Shirt
The candidacy of Hillary Clinton represents a moment in history when the possibilities lie open before... [more]

The Brains of Hillary Clinton Campaign T-Shirt
Sexists opposing Hillary... [more]

Hillary Clinton 2008 American Apparel Shirt
Support Hillary Clinton in her run for the presidency when you wear this American Apparel shirt during... [more]

Hillary Clinton 2008 Campaign T-Shirt
Framed by an ephemeral oval of both red and blue are the words Hillary Clinton 2008. Show your support... [more]

Hillary Clinton for President in 2008
Hillary Clinton drives right wing Republicans... [more]

C: Clinton '08
"This spare, minimal design begins with the C of ""Clinton"" and stylishly promotes the run by Hillary... [more]

Hillary Clinton Vote Blue T-shirt
Remember the budget surplus? Remember peace and prosperity? Remember how much the United States of... [more]

Portrait: Hillary Clinton 2008
"Half her life spent in the shadow of her husband, engaged nevertheless in works of great substance,... [more]

A Woman's Place (Hillary Clinton 2012 Shirt)
"They used to say that a woman's place is in the home. Times change. Now a woman's place is in the... [more]

I Supported Clinton Before It Was Cool (Pro-Clinton Shirt)
"Sure, NOW Hillary Clinton is like a super-popular pop-star politician. But she used to be like that... [more]

Hamsters for Hillary Clinton for President (Campaign 2012 Shirt)
"Hamsters for Hillary Clinton for President in 2012! This little hamster is marching right out there... [more]

Hillary Clinton 2012 Portrait T-Shirt
"Hillary Clinton's dreams (and your dreams of her dreams) are not kaput, not by a long shot. As Barack... [more]

Patriotic Peace Hand: Clinton 2012 T-Shirt
"The classic peace hand gesture comes across with American flair when you add the American flag colors... [more]

Sweatshop-Free Political Activist ShirtsIf you care about the irreverence of a message and the ethics of production, if you love to wear great looking shirts but don't like the weight of a guilty conscience, this is the place for you. Most clothing today is made in sweatshops where workers are abused and paid a pittance -- but there is an alternative. Every shirt we sell here is printed by the small Ohio business Skreened and made in worker-friendly conditions by American Apparel, which has a fully regulated, fully inspected factory. Our shirts will give you the real comfort you've been looking for.

Click on the image of the shirt design you like the most. You'll be taken to our online shop at Skreened with options to customize by clothing type, color and placement before you make your purchase.

To find more politically and socially liberal t-shirts, browse through the categories below:
Each and every shirt we sell is available in the following styles and colors:
Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Cranberry, Gold, Lemon, Lime, Mint, Pink, and White

Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange and Purple

Fitted T-Shirt
Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Organic Cotton Cream, Gold, Grass, Heather Gray, Lemon, Pink, Sea Foam, Silver, Slate and White

Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Silver
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Colors: White

Fitted Baseball Jersey
Fitted Baseball Jersey
Colors: White with Black Sleeves, White with Green Sleeves

Kids T-Shirt
Kids' T-Shirt
Colors: Pink, Baby Blue, Slate, White

Onesies for Babies
Baby Onesie
Colors: Pink, Baby Blue, White
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Independent Expenditures Report, October 17-23 2010
The congressional campaigns of 2010 are the first in modern American history in which political corporations have gained the power to make unlimited independent expenditures in favor or against candidates,... [more]

Independent Expenditures Report, Week of October 10-16 2010
After the Supreme Court's ruling in the Citizens United case this spring, limits on how much corporations can spend on independent expenditures in congressional campaigns have been wholly erased. The... [more]

Why is the Democratic Faith Working Group So Secretive?
It may be the most powerful political caucus you've never heard of. In the aftermath of the 2004 elections, Nancy Pelosi, then leader... [more]

White House: We'll Respond to Threats of Violence, but not Threats of Speech
Let me get this straight: After some people threatened to fly off the handle and kill people if a pastor in Florida engaged in constitutionally-protected free speech, various... [more]

Another Record Military Budget From Obama
When George W. Bush was President, we complained when Bush offered, year after year, record-breaking budgets for military spending. Now, for the second year in a row, Barack Obama... [more]

What's To Admire About Sarah Palin?
Hillary Clinton has been a United States Senator and U.S. Secretary of State. Sarah Palin has been Governor of Alaska, but quit that job halfway through. Yet, Hillary Clinton only... [more]

Military Spending Dwarfs Climate Pledge
There's been a great deal of outrage expressed about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's announcement that the United States is willing to lead an effort to raise $100 billion dollars,... [more]

Stupak Amendment Signals America: It's Not Going to Get Pro-Choicier
The message to pro-choice Americans from Washington, DC last week could not have been any clearer: If you thought reforms to solidify women's access to abortion were on the Democratic... [more]

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