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Conversations With God: Arrogant, Delusional Self-Indulgence

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Conversations with God is a wierd hum-dinger of a feel-good book that's based upon the presumption that the author is able to communicate directly with the creator of the entire universe. This communication isn't supposed to come in any sort of abstract form, like the pursuit of knowledge or ethical interactions with others, but real, old-fashioned chit-chat. The author makes a small aside at the beginning of this flaky book to admit that this supposed conversation with God Himself might be affected a little bit by the influence of his own personality, but that's all the caveat we're given. This guy actually believes that he's in some kind of personal communication with an all-powerful being that billions of years ago created everything and knows everything about everything that has happened since.

Specifically, the author sat down and wrote both questions and answers to those questions. That's all this book consists of. After quizzing himself in this way for awhile, he came to believe that God was directing his pen to give him the answers. Okay, SURE, fella. I guess that would mean that Satan is directing my hands as I type this blasphemous review.

Ask yourself this: what makes this author so arrogant to think that the creator of the universe himself had opinions about his personal problems, such as why the author wasn't making much money? Maybe I should talk to God every morning about whether I should wear the blue shirt or the green shirt. After all, if God has opinions about how people should make their money, He must have opinions about whether to use Sweet and Low or sugar in our coffee, whether The Simpsons or The West Wing is better entertainment, how long to cook asparagus in my microwave, the proper width of a tie, how to pronounce the word "neither", and whether macs or pcs are better computers. Give me a break!

The author wrote this book while in the midst of a depression, and it's clear he's got some serious mental problems, to make up an imaginary omnipotent but invisible friend who tells him all the answers to his problems. The author never even tries to give a reasonable argument for the existence of God, much less reason to believe that the two are engaging in cosmic small talk.

Well, the author sure found his meal-ticket out of depression. He's now touring the country getting rich off of selling a whole series of these empty-headed books of greeting card sentimentality and holding conferences for his followers.

I can imagine the advertising for these blind-faith-schmalzt-fests: "Come ye, come ye! Come hear the wisdom of a man who talks to God! He says that God has told him the TRUTH! Now, just open your wallet wide to pay for the book series, the lecture ticket, and the workshop fees. That's right, sucker. Divine salvation doesn't come cheap." Before you even think of buying this book, ask yourself whether you're one of those suckers that's reborn every minute.

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