Crossroads 2004:
Special Election coverage from Irregular Times

We're at a crossroads, folks. In the year 2000, Americans chose a progressive path by giving Al Gore half a million more votes than his regressive rival, George W. Bush. But regardless of that progressive mandate, Bush took the Presidency and rode it down a backwards path. Tossing off his sheep's clothing of "moderation", Bush quickly imposed a wolfish set of policies based on fear.

The 2004 Presidential election offers American voters their first opportunity since Bush dragged the nation down the low road to actively decide what path we should take. The choice is clear now: do we choose freedom or fear?

We've created Crossroads 2004 to help you navigate this choice. For those of you still waffling on the fence, we offer information to remind us of the thousands of ways in which George W. Bush has detrimentally altered the shape of our nation. For those of you who are itching to join the battle, we offer various sorts of ammunition: information for debate, connections to progressive electoral campaigns, state-by-state tools to get the word out on getting Republicans out, and materials to help you publicly declare your allegiance to freedom and your aversion to demagoguery.

Campaign Commerce:

Make your commitment public with a t-shirt or sticker
  • Our brand-spanking new Anti-Bush Button Shop: wear opposition on your lapel...

  • For High-Speed Users: Excessively Progressive adds a new item each day to its stock of hundreds of anti-Bush and progressive Election bumper stickers -- with thumbnail graphics for each.

  • The Bush Bathroom Reader: a book of short pieces on the ribald reign of our least literable leader

  • For Low-Speed Users: Irregular Goods is our text-only catalogue (with links to graphics) of Election 2004 bumper stickers, t-shirts, frisbees, postcards, hats, posters ... you name it. Thousands of choices, all organized on one page.

  • Irregular States: Progressive and Pro-Democratic Bumper Stickers for all Fifty States of the USA. Politics is Patrioticular!

  • Battle of the Bumpers: The Footprint of the American Chicken Hawk

  • Power Outage? Bad. Bush Outage? Good.

  • Read before you rant. Uncover the power of Irregular Books

Bush: the Lowdown on the Down and Low

The muck on Dubya, raked up right here...

State by State:

Election happenings in your neck of the woods

Party Wars: Donkeys and Elephants go at it

Follow the merry antics of the Ribald Reign of King George the Second

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