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The Curious Sofa, by Ogdred Weary

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Delicious, G-Rated Pornography

Reviewing the range of Edward Gorey books available to fans, I once suggested that instead of buying his little books one by one, it makes more sense to purchase the Gorey anthologies (Amphigorey, Amphigorey Too, Amphigorey Also), for more to enjoy with just a smidgen more money. I've found a happy exception to this rule in The Curious Sofa.

Although the full name of this book is The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary, there's no cause to be wary. Yes, the book is by Edward Gorey -- he enjoyed using anagrams of his name to sign his works. Yes, there are naughty pictures in the book, but only to the extent that any of Edward Gorey's drawings are naughty. This book accomplishes a pornography of intent, not content. All of the sex in this book is suggested -- there is no nudity or graphic description. The selection below is typical:

Lady Celia led Alice to her boudoir, where she requested the girl to perform a rather surprising service.

The point is that the reader can imagine what the surprising service probably is, but it's possible that Lady Celia merely asked Alice to deliver a Pastrami sandwich to El Salvador. Delicious!

I can bring myself to recommend The Curious Sofa as a buy-alone book because it makes a great gift for a special kind of "friend". As the cliche goes, the mind is the greatest erogenous zone. How better to arouse a lover than with a book that leaves everything, except for the enjoyment of being naughty, up to the imagination? With this book, Edward Gorey show that seduction can be salacious without being smutty.

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