366 Reasons to Boot Bush:
A Day Planner for the Disorganized Progressive in Your Life

366 Reasons to Boot Bush Day PlannerIn the typical way of things, the purpose of a day planner is to allow you to keep track of the various small details of one’s life – meetings at work, shopping errands, picking up the kids from soccer practice, evenings out with friends – that one might otherwise forget. These details are important, since it is hard to achieve the big things in life without first taking care of all the little things in the way.

We would like to suggest something heretical to the concept of the day planner: if one spends too much time organizing, classifying and entering the smaller details of life, it is possible to lose track of the grander goals that are really more important. There are big, important, potentially wonderful but potentially nasty things happening in the world right now. What do you know of them? How do you feel about them? What can you do about them?

It is possible for one person to help make a difference in this world, but only with forethought, focus and organization. With the aim of helping determined but disorganized political progressives reach their goals, we have created a content-rich day planner entitled 366 Reasons to Boot Bush. Unlike other planners that blandly encourage you to carry out the form of your day in a content-free context, this one is stuffed full of substantive reminders to help you keep your eyes on the prize.

2004 is a very important year. In 2000, the people spoke, but the majority was ignored, and George W. Bush assumed the Presidency with dire consequences for the economy, the environment, civil liberty and international peace. Use the daily reminders of the Bush record laid out on the pages of this planner to refresh your memory and stoke your outrage. The 2004 elections are our chance to set things back on the right course. We encourage you to use this planner not only to chart work duties, hair appointments and friends’ birthdays, but also to compose your thoughts about the course of our politics, remind yourself to watch the next debate, schedule neighborhood meetings to discuss the election, write down the dates of monthly meetups for national and local progressive candidates, and pencil in time for other positive activities that not only attend to your own personal circumstance, but better the course of the nation and world in which everything else you do is embedded.

Or not. You could write down a carrot cake recipe that’s particularly yummy instead. It’s your call. Follow your bliss. It is still a free country, after all. As that old German folksong says, die Gedanken sind frei!

Where Do Our Reasons Come From?

When we wrote down the 366 reasons to boot Bush contained in our 2004 day planner, we didn’t just make stuff up. Now that we think of it, perhaps that would have been easier, but George W. Bush and the Republican Party pretty much have cornered that market, so we’ve decided to leave the fiction to them.

You could just take our word for it that we’re telling you the truth, which is the reaction that Bush Administration strategists depend on. Or, if you were skeptical of what we have to say about Bush, you could try to reproduce each piece of information from scratch. You can take it as a mark of our confidence in the factual basis of these 366 reasons to boot Bush that we’re taking a different path. Where we make specific factual claims in the planner, we’ll name our source so you can go find it yourself.

Our citations of sources are also meant to be guideposts for those among you who are interested in doing a little muckraking yourselves. Here at Irregular Times, we don’t have a multi-million dollar research machine at our beck and call like the major newspapers. We don’t have a dozen research assistants at our beck and call like Al Franken or Molly Ivins or Michael Moore. No, we’re just a couple of ordinary people with day jobs – so if we can do it, you can, too. The following are the no-cost resources we used:

  1. Online Newspapers. We visit washingtonpost.com, latimes.com and nytimes.com on a daily basis to skim the headlines and read articles of interest. Reading a serious newspaper a day is like getting a college education on the sly.
  2. Google News. At major newspapers and universities, the well-funded can use a service called Lexis-Nexis to call up archived news articles from the past decade. You can’t afford this, trust me. But you can use Google News to search through the last few months’ worth of national and international news for abso-smurfly free.
  3. Thomas. Thomas is the web site of the United States Congress, maintained by the Library of Congress. Don’t depend on the TV news or even the papers to tell you what nefarious nonsense Republican politicians have got cooked up now. Find out here.
  4. Secret Republican Cabals. That’s right, sometimes the best material comes from joining GOP organizing groups at sites like gopteamleader.com and georgewbush.com, then seeing what sorts of things they say to one another when they think no one else is listening. And hey, I don’t know about you, but it kind of makes me feel like a secret agent to boot.
  5. Get Help. The best decision we made when working on this list was to solicit others’ suggestions. Dozens of people have sent in their own reasons to boot Bush and helped keep us from getting stale. Particular thanks go to Dr. Theopolis – you know who you are.

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