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Draft Judge Moore!

We've written in the past that we believe it's time for Americans to come together. We've said that the threat of George W. Bush in the White House is so great that we must put our differences aside and stand behind the Democratic candidate. We've explained that this is no time for third party candidacies like the one that Ralph Nader ran in 2000.

Well, we're writing this article because the time has come for us to admit that we were wrong. A third party candidacy is currently developing that has such extraordinary merit that we cannot oppose it.

You guessed it: We're officially supporting the candidacy of Judge Roy Moore, who's planning on running for president with the Constitution Party.

Oh, we're not planning on voting for Roy Moore, you understand. We're supporting his decision to become a presidential candidate, not an effort to become President of the United States.

You see, we think that a presidential campaign by Judge Roy Moore may be just what it takes to get George W. Bush out of the White House. Moore won't win, but if he runs, he's certain to take away votes from Bush.

Think Ten Commandments.

Roy Moore is the judge down in Alabama who became infamous last year for posting a display of the Ten Commandments in a public courthouse. He put the display up in the middle of the night, while acknowledging that the display was intended as a promotion of Christianity by the Alabama state government.

Even for Alabama, the display was too much. When the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Moore's Ten Commandments display was unconstitutional, Moore's fellow justices of the Alabama Supreme Court deposed him as Chief Justice, on the grounds that Moore openly defied federal judicial authority.

Of course, during the controversy, hundreds of conservative fundamentalists, almost all from outside of Alabama, converged upon Judge Moore's courthouse to protest in support of Moore's attempt to hijack the Alabama state government for the promotion of conservative Christianity.

Now, Roy Moore is attempting to use the support of conservative Christian activists to make a name for himself as a presidential candidate. The Constitution Party predicts that it will be able to get Judge Moore on the ballot in at least 40 states, including all of the most politically conservative states that George W. Bush won in 2000.

No one expects Roy Moore to get even five percent of the popular vote in 2004, but the votes that he does gain will be taken from George W. Bush. Conservatives Christians don't typically vote Democrat. They usually vote Republican.

If the 2004 presidential election is as close as the 2000 election, the votes of those who defect from support of George W. Bush to vote for Roy Moore can make all the difference. Even if just a few hundred voters in a big state vote for Moore, those votes could very well deliver that state to the Democratic candidate. Remember that in Florida, Bush's "victory" was measured by just a few hundred votes. If just a fraction of the Florida residents who voted for Ralph Nader had voted for Al Gore instead, George W. Bush never would have been able to occupy the White House.

Turnabout is fair play. If we want to return George W. Bush to private life in 2004, then we need to help convince Judge Roy Moore to become the candidate for the Constitution Party.

Here's how you can help. Send an email to Roy Moore's supporters telling them that you want Moore to run for President, and that you'll not only vote for Moore, but you'll volunteer for his campaign and send a big contribution check. The more emails that Moore's supporters get, the more likely it is that Roy Moore will announce his candidacy, and become a spoiler for George W. Bush.

Now's the time, folks. Take action! You see how the following words are a different color? That's because it's a link - click on it, and you'll find a way to send a message to Judge Roy Moore, encouraging him to run. Hop on it!

You can also visit the central organizing web site of the conservative, Christian fundamentalist movement to draft Roy Moore to run for President. They call it For Moore, keeping it short so that everyone can understand, apparently. On that web site, they have links to online petitions that folks have organized in order to beg Roy Moore to make his campaign official. Give them some help, to keep Bush sweating.

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