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George W.'s War on Evil
What should the next enemy be?

George W. Bush says that he is looking for ways to expand his war on evil (WOE, for short), and we wanted to help. With this in mind we asked you, our irregular readers, to participate in a poll to let us know what you consider to be most evil. The idea, of course, is that whatever the most people think is evil ought to be our next enemy in President Junior's ongoing crusade against villainy.

As you can see by the results below, it looks like George W. Bush has some serious recalibration of his war plans to do. It turns out that our irregular readers regard voting for George W. as the most evil choice of all. We've mailed the results on to George W. himself so that he can direct his righteous wrath in the morally proper direction.

Thanks for participating, and don't forget that in our continuing fight against evil, it's our patriotic duty to vote for anyone but Bush come 2004!

poll on evil war

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