IRREGULAR TIMESBush: Tell Us More About Servants of Evil

Today, on the eve of the two-year anniversary of September 11, 2001, George W. Bush took special care to remind America that, "we will never forget the servants of evil".

That's all well and good, we say, but we think that the American people deserve to know more about these "servants of evil". In the last year especially, we've become a bit nervous about the way that George W. Bush keeps information to himself, even when sharing that information with the American people could make us more secure. Security, after all, is the pre-eminent, number one, unrivaled, most important, prime, top priority these days.

We at Irregular Times want to know the following information about the "servants of evil" that Mister Bush keeps on referring to:

saint george and the dragon cartoonAnswering these questions for the American people would be a great start, but we imagine that the answers will only lead to more questions. In any case, we salute George W. Bush for having the presence of mind to bring the issue of the servants of evil to the attention of the American public. If Bush hadn't told us about the servants of evil, we're pretty sure that no one else would.

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