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Welcome to Excessively Progressive, a subset of Irregular Goods, the online shop set up by the folks at Irregular Times. It is our goal to offer the greatest number, the most, the biggest volume of progressive, anti-Bush Election 2004 bumper stickers of anyplace on the Internet. We're just getting started, but we are committed to adding new bumpersticker options each and every day until the 2004 elections are done and gone. If George W. Bush is going to be kicked out of the White House, it will take all of us to publicly display our opposition. This is our little way of helping you do your part to end Dubya's reign of error, terror, ego and stupidity.

We're in this effort for the same reason you are: we can't stand what George W. Bush has done to America in four short years, and we feel it is imperative to transplant this noxious and invasive weed out of the White House as quickly and effectively as possible. To underscore our commitment to this effort, and to give you that little nudge toward putting a statement on your bumper, we pledge to donate 25 percent of our profits to upstart, good-hearted political campaigns. In recognition that not all that matters is in Washington, we pledge to donate a further 25 percent of our profits to effective and progressive charities.

So browse, fellow citizen, browse to your heart's content! There are two ways you can support our effort:

  • Purchase your favorite bumper sticker and slap that puppy on the nearest available bumper! (If you do not have a car, fret not: if you look closely, you'll see we have a smaller set of bicycle stickers). Each and every one of these bumper stickers is available at the low price of only $3.90. All orders are handled swiftly and professionally via CafePress.
  • Pass along your own bumpersticker ideas to help us in our effort to amass a wide set of options. Send your idea via e-mail to sticker@irregulartimes.com. You could simply send on a phrase, or tell us about the colors and images you think would make your sticker work especially well. In most cases (that is, if we're not sick as dogs and your idea isn't horribly sick and twisted), we'll post new bumpersticker designs within the day for you to purchase or simply admire.

We're just getting started, so check on back every so often. By sheer volume alone, we will annoy, harass, and pester George W. Bush into submission and out of the Oval Office!

If you like these designs but are looking for something just a little different, check out:

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George W. Bush is the Commander in Grief
Support the Troops; Dump Bush If you lost your child to war, Blame Bush George W. Bush: Four More Wars!
Bush Planet of the Apes sticker Real 
Conservatives Don't Start Wars Real 
Americans Don't Start Wars
I took Bush's Place in Vietnam AWOL Iraq = Shrub's Folly Iraquagmire = Bush's Folly
Warning! Dangerous Demagogue!  Voting for Bush is known to lead to Dead American Soldiers While George Bush plays Golf, Another Soldier Dies W: Footprint of the American ChickenHawk
Illegitimate Presidents wage Illegitimate Wars Stop Bush Before he kills Again Bush said Bring it On!  And mothers of soldiers wept until dawn.
Vote Bush: AWOL Fratboy Disarm George in 2004 Bumper Sticker GWB: a one-man WMD
George W. Bush says it's mourning time in America I'd rather be living in peace; Dump Bush in 2004 bumper sticker I voted for Universal Health Care, and all I got was this lousy Stealth Bomber!
Vote Republican, because it's never too late to return to the Dark Ages Someone Tell George W. Bush that Soldiers are not his Toys Bush's WMD Claim: We ain't seen Nothing Yet!
Dump Bush 2004: 'Cause I don't vote for Liars George W. Bush: Vietnam Draft Dodger, Iraq Truth Dodger Bush Lied People Died Cronies Ride Jobs Dried Cronies Ride Environment Fried
Support Our Troops: Vote Bush Out! George W. Bush can't parse the truth: Bush Lied, People Died No More Lies
Bush Lies Tell the Truth, George Investigate Bush
George W. Bush is Big Brother.  When will he start spying on you? Bush's security sacrifices my freedom for your fear How much will your grandchildren pay for Bush's War?
Put the pieces together: Bush Lied Another Day, Another Dead Soldier. Dump Bush Do Bush's lies make you feel safer?  Which ones?
No WMDs, No Al-Qaeda Link; Bush's Lies Kill Innocents Bill's Lies Left Cum Stains; Bush's Lies Left Blood Stains No More WMDs: No More Bush
Regime Change Begins at Home: Dump Bush in 2004 Stop the Lies Stop Bush Misleader (n). See George W. Bush
Mass Destruction, Weapon of (n).  See George W. Bush Bush Lied People Died For Our Security, United We Dump Bush bumpersticker
Time for a Regime Change: Anybody but Bush in 2004 Another Traitor Says Anybody but Bush in 2004 Reject Fear: Dump Bush 2004
I Think Evidence Matters -- I Oppose George W. Bush Support Our Troops: Dump Bush! bumper sticker Bush Equals Fear -- For America's sake, I pledge to vote against fear in 2004
Memo to Bush: Lying to the American People Restores Neither Honor nor Integrity Bush Lied Bumper Sticker Where did the Weapons of Mass Destruction Go?  Call George at (202)456-111 and ask him yourself
Tired of Bush's Lies and Spies Support our Troops: Dump that Bush! Bush lied, people died
Bush Lied Soldiers Died, Iraqis Fried, Cronies Ride -- Dump Bush Bush Lied, Soldiers Died, Iraqis Fried, Cronies Ride -- Sack Bush Bush Lied, Soldiers Died, Iraqis Fried, Cronies Ride -- Impeach Bush
Bush's hate is a weapon of mass destruction bumpersticker Bush Lied to us All Protect America's Soldiers: Vote Bush Out bumper sticker
Got Fear? Get Hope: Dump Bush

Read our
Magniloquence Against War
Bush=Fear Vote Against Fear in 2004
United We Dump Bush Too Many Lies: Anybody but Bush in 2004 bumper sticker the lowdown on George's War
Beware a President who says Only an AWOL President would say Get that warmonger out of the White House bumper sticker

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