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Editor's note: We at Irregular Times love to hear from readers (e-mail us here), and every once in a while we are sent a missive that cuts right to the heart of a matter. Below is just one piece of correspondence. If you would like to contribute to this website, please submit your own brilliant thoughtpiece for publication.

Leann Gallucci writes:

I just discovered your site. It's great! I was looking at the "Is George Stupid" area and read the one and only response to the question. In doing so, I discovered it's very likely that people who don't think George is stupid are not the brightest bulbs in the marquee either. I took the liberty of reproducing the "if you can't prove George is stupid letter, he must not be" letter and explaining all of the ways in which the writer of the letter proves that he is himself stupid.

"By reading this i have to wonder many things about the author, my biggest question; however, is why the author did not back up his claims with some proof. The author did not give any reasons at all why he believes George W. Bush is "stupid". The reason why is because there is nothing to back up his comments with. All the author is is a very moronic person trying to sound intelligent by 'dissing" our president. So, to prove me wrong back up your statement with some real evidence."
- Tristan

Where should we begin? First of all, it's general grammatical practice to capitalize "I." Perhaps this could have been a slip, but perhaps not. Further, one does not "wonder many things BY reading this." One wonders AS A RESULT of reading something. The use of the semi colon after the word "question" is completely incorrect. It is also incorrect to put the period after the quotation marks at the end of a sentence (...George W. Bush is "stupid".). In spite of the fact that some people prefer not to keep the period inside the quotes, that's an unacceptable use of punctuation. Finally, "the reason why" should not be followed by "is because." It's either "the reason" or it's "because."

It's quite a statement that the one and only response you got trying to indicate that G.W. is not as stupid as we all think he is was badly written and grammatically incorrect. Is there anyone who hasn't noticed that the man cannot even say nuclear correctly? Your articles are wonderful. I truly believe that there are more of us (as Michael Moore keeps insisting) than there are of them, "us" being the voices of reason, stability, and morality; "them" being the Bushites, war mongers, and voices of chaos in the current Administration.

Keep up the good work. We need all the publicity we can get.

-- LeeAnn Gallucci