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What if there is no One True Religion? Go Fish!

Fish, fish, fish. Fishies everywhere on rear bumpers proclaiming the nature of Truth. But what if there is no One True Religion? What if it's just myth that helps us get through the day? Then -- Lordy, Lordy -- why, all these religions would just be interchangeable, and...well, you could just pick one!

To be honest, I didn't think up this idea myself. It sprang at me from a bumper sticker made by an outfit called Thatcher Forest. This sticker so strongly tripped into my attention that I had to hear more about it. So I got in touch with the fellow behind the "Go Fish" sticker and asked him to explain just what led him to put it out there. Here are his words:

You’ve seen them everywhere. Admit it. You can’t drive anywhere these days without seeing a fish of some sort on a car bumper.

Christians were the original rulers of the fish world, first with the simple fish-outline emblem and then later with the version that included Greek letters (Iota Chi Theta Upsilon Sigma) stuffed inside. Apparently the Greek letters are an acrostic for [Iesous (Jesus) CHristos (Christ) THeou (of God) Uiou (the Son) Soter (the Savior)], which creates a serious problem for people who don’t read Greek. The simple fix arrived soon after: a fish with the word ‘Jesus’ inside.

Well, the Buddhists, Humanists, Aliens, Pagans, Atheists, Hindus, Homosexuals, Jews, Evolutionists, and Satanists weren’t going to take it lying down. There are now scores of fish available for almost any creed, doctrine, or lifestyle.

What followed was inevitable: fish civil war, with all the factions vying for power and control. I’ve seen the Jesus eating the Darwin fish, a “Reality Bites” fish swallowing the Jesus fish, and even a Darwin fish humping an “ichthus” fish.

I decided enough was enough, that it was time for us to put our antagonism and our hatred and our penises away to try to create harmony and goodwill among all the fish. To that end, I created the Go Fish emblem, a symbol of cooperation and consensus, of consonance and balance, of, dare I say peace and love? Yes, I do. I do dare it. Peace and love.

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