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Green Green Lima Bean Action Center

A couple weeks ago, we were pleasantly surprised to get an email from the folks over at the Green Green Lima Bean web site. They got online after George W. Bush started mocking environmentalists by calling them "green green lima beans".

Reporters have been writing for years about how they find it "charming" when George W. Bush gives them nicknames, but we find it shocking that a man who was born into a rich oil family has the audacity to mock sincere Americans from his bully pulpit in the White House.

Instead of just letting ourselves have hurt feelings about the President's insults to Americans who want clean air and water, we're taking the central lesson of the environmental movement to heart: Reduce, reuse and recycle. We're going to reduce the "green green lima bean" insult from George W. Bush by reusing it and recycling it into a badge of environmentalist pride.

Okay, Mr. Bush: You want to call us green green lima beans? Fine, we're green green lima beans, and we're proud of it! So, now we can deal with the heart of the matter, and get to work! If we're going to be green green lima beans, then we're going to be the best damn green green lima beans we can be!

We're forming this action center so that you can take part in the green green lima bean movement of active, unapologetic environmental activism. If you want to call yourself a green green lima bean, then take the action steps that we've got listed below, and you'll be part of our official green green lima bean activist club. Here we go:

  1. Show your green green lima bean pride with one of our specially designed green green lima bean products, including bumper stickers, a coffee mug, a tote bag, a baseball cap, and a unique sweatshop-free t-shirt. Let's convert Bush's insult into a label we wear with pride.

  2. Join to find out more about environmental issues, click to fund environmentalist causes, and get connnected into important environmentalist petitions.

  3. Get on the Kerry Connector and Democracy for America systems to link up with events and people in your area that are contributing to the effort to get Bush out of the White House this year. Bush is enemy number one to the environmental health of America, so this is no time to sit out of the political struggle.

  4. Visit our list of Environmentalist Links to find other opportunities for environmentalist action.

  5. Contribute to the League of Conservation Voters, to provide the pro-environment majority a genuine pro-environment U.S. Congress - search their environmental scorecard to see how well your congressional representative rates

  6. Join the Sierra Club, for good old-fashioned environmentalist activism at the grassroots level

  7. If you know of other opportunities for environmentalist activism online, let us know by making a post on the Irregular Forum

  8. Keep up to date with the latest environmental news feeds through Irregular News

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