Grow Green: Green Party Buttons, Shirts and Stickers (brought to you by Irregular Times)

Green Party t-shirt, made of organic cotton sweatshop-free in the USANow that the Democratic Party is in full control of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House, where is that Change We Could Believe in? Is the Guantanamo Bay indefinite detention facility closed? No. Is indefinite detention without charge going to end? No. How about domestic surveillance, search and seizure without a warrant? You know, all that unconstitutional business surrounding the FISA Amendments Act. Are the Democrats ending it? No. In the Congress, they're saying as little as possible about warrantless surveillance, while under the Obama White House Americans are continuing to be spied upon. Yes He Can... spy on you. How about protection for endangered species? The Obama administration is continuing the Bush Administration policy of ignoring the Endangered Species Act because it is inconvenient for business.

Progressives cannot hope to swallow the Democratic Party line that any moment now, just as soon as the next election's over, just as soon as they're in control, everything will be all right. The Democrats are in control, and not everything is being fixed, not by a long shot. The status quo is sitting pretty in DC, to tell the truth. It's time for principled progressives to look for an alternative.

The Green Party is that alternative. Support the Green Party in its national and state forms with these Green-positive bumper stickers, buttons and t-shirts.

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