IRREGULAR TIMESWho does Bush have to answer to?
- A guest essay on Irregular Times

After reading so many articles with quotes from our "humble" President, Dubya, I have contemplated: Who does he feel he has to answer to?

So many quotes attributed to him have him implying that he is above having to answer to any authority. I mean, "we the people" are ONLY the ones who elect, impeach and pay for his "high" services. Guess that does not qualify for getting answers from him on all the questionable 9/11 information or for him having to answer to the now seemingly lies which were told about the reason for war in Iraq.

Ah, yes, HE moved on with that, I forgot!

Too bad the soldiers still defending themselves everyday over there have not moved on, except in body bags! Guess he forgot about them in HIS move.

He doesn't feel he has to answer to (or follow) the UN, Congress, The Supreme Court, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the CIA, the FBI, his partners in crime (all his dirty little team of liars) or any of the America's allies or foes. After all, he will not be "micro-managed".

americorps scandal president bushIt appears to this anti-Bush American, that he already is being micro-managed and must consort with, give answers to, and take his own little humble pill from at least two sources. (And, no, one of them I can surely bet on not being a source, is God)

His Daddy, Bush Sr., and all the corporate moguls that he resides with as well as Sharon and his evil state.

Yep, you'd better believe that almost without a doubt little "Georgie" is not doing this all alone. He's too arrogant, dumb and probably still having flashback "highs" from all the drugs, alcohol and evil enjoyment he has had all his life.

There ya go....the little "big" man can be micro-managed and does have to answer to someone, but it "ain't God" like he would like you to believe. (At least it's not my God, the one I know and was raised with, maybe Daddy and Sharon are his Gods!)

Regards to all that do not fall for his deception and prayers for all.


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