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Mindful Gardeners Speak Out!

In response to this new collection of bumper stickers, we're sure to get a letter complaining that we're making gardening political when it should be a peaceful refuge above all the scattered hurry of the political world. We say that anyone who says that a garden is not a political space is not paying attention. The shrewdest observers of politics that we know are gardeners. Watching the competition between species in a garden is much like watching the competition between politicians as they joust for attention.

Gardeners can also tell the difference between a valuable herb and a weedy plant, and good gardeners know that George W. Bush is a weed of dangerously rampant growth. To garden is indeed to seek peace, freedom and balance, and George W. Bush has done more to disturb those things than any other President in a generation, at least. Furthermore, George W. Bush's assault on the environment for the sake of industry has brought smog to even the most rural valleys, and exposed our favorite flowers to the harsh extremes of climate change.

For wise gardeners who have had enough of keeping their political feelings to themselves, we offer the following collection of garden-themed political bumper stickers, and a t-shirt thrown in to boot! To boot Bush, that is! Vote with your green thumb in 2004.

Prune Bush Fitted T-Shirt
Sweatshop Free!

Gardeners Against Bush Bumper Sticker

MULCH BUSH Bumper Sticker

It's Time to Trim the Bushes

Farmers Against Bush Bumper Sticker

Uproot Bush Bumper Sticker

Born Again Gardener Bumper Sticker

I Don't Just Hug Trees. I Kiss Them Too.

It's Only Natural to Be Organic Bumper Sticker

My Family Values Organic Food

Save a Tree Remove a Bush Bumper Sticker

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