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FISA Doomsday Vote In Senate Tomorrow

Much of the nation, including those of us here at Irregular Times, have taken a break for the last couple days from the bumping, jostling world of public affairs. Now, on December 26, it’s crucial that we get back into the fray. Legislation that will

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Will Budget Fight Lead Senate To Allow FISA Spying On Us To Finally End?

Given the Senate’s distracted silence on the renewal of the FISA Amendments Act, two things could plausibly happen:

1. The FISA Amendments Act is allowed to expire, and arguments begin about whether to reinstate the law in 2013.
2. The FISA Amendments Act renewal is quickly passed by the Senate, with little warning, and with little attention from the mainstream corporate news media.

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Rep. Ron Barber Plays Arizonans for Suckers with FISA Vote

Arizona congressional candidate Ron Barber on how the personal liberty guaranteed by the Bill of Rights is bigger than just the Second Amendment: Some politicians just say they support the Second Amendment, but I support all of them. Our constitution lays out our freedoms, and

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