2,004 Reasons to Boot Bush:
An Encyclopedia of Secrets, Lies, and Dumb Ideas from the Bush Administration

In the summer of 2003, we received an email from Terry McAuliffe, who was then the chair of the Democratic National Committee. The e-mail's subject line read "57 Reasons to Boot Bush". That sounded like a pretty interesting email, and we wanted to see what such a list might contain. We had been looking for a good summation of the problems with the Bush administration, some kind of resource that we might send on to some friends of ours who had been sitting on the political fence.

Bizarrely and unfortunately, it turned out that McAuliffes 57 Reasons to Boot Bush were the 57 years in Bill Clinton's life so far. The day that we received the email was Bill Clinton's birthday and Mr. McAuliffe wanted us all to wish him a happy one. Yes, its hard to believe, but just a year and a half before the 2004 presidential election, the chair of the Democratic Party appears to have spent his days sending out idle messages of this sort.

The continuing fixation of the Democratic leadership on celebrating someone who's been out of office for three years has been simply bizarre. Not to badmouth Clinton on a personal level, but we know that the Democrats can do better than to rehash past glories. This email message from Mr. McAuliffe was symptomatic of the national Democratic Party's three-year submission to the political glamour of George W. Bush.

Given our national leaders' inaction, we decided to take the burden of action upon ourselves. If McAuliffe and his allies on the collaborationist Democratic Leadership Council would not give us a good list of reasons to boot Bush, we would come up with a list ourselves.

2004 Reasons to Boot Bush book coverThe only problem in compiling this list is that 57 turned out to be too small a number. Our list quickly grew to 100, to 150 and beyond. So, we set ourselves a higher goal. With our sights on the 2004 election, we decided that we would create a list of 2,004 reasons to boot Bush. This book represents the culmination of that effort, completed the night after the second debate between Furious George and John Kerry.

2004 Reasons to boot Bush is the first book of its kind: A political encyclopedia of the secrets, lies and just plain dumb ideas from the Bush Administration. Point by point, we go through the serious, and not-so-serious, problems that Bush and his White House crew have caused for America.

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their aides have come up with so many lame programs, misadventures, and abusive policies that they can all blend into one huge nauseating blur. We felt the need to assemble them all in one place, so that we could begin to understand just what the White House Republicans are really up to. We believe that this book, the result of our efforts, will also serve as an invaluable resource for voters and activists during the time of the 2004 campaign.

Voters who are trying to make up their minds about Bush and Cheney can use this book as a source for fact-checking all of the claims that the dynastic duo make at their 2,000-dollar-per-plate fundraisers. It's important for voters to sort the truth out from the public relations hype, and make sure that their presidential vote is truly well founded. Just consider - what if only one of these 2,004 reasons is worthwhile?

Progressive activists can use this book as an action reference, providing them with solid ground upon which to enter the national debate. Almost every one of the thousand and one points in this book comes with a reference, so that when conservative dittoheads question your information, you can tell them where to look it up. We believe that no one ought to take any political information for granted, and that's why we've included so many citations of our sources in this book.

The information about the Bush Administration's disastrous record is there, if voters choose to look for it. The excuse for ignoring that information has been that it is too dispersed to bring together. Now an historical reference of the George W. Bush's many failures exists. No matter who wins the election of 2004, 2,004 Reasons to Boot Bush will serve as a reminder of the true legacy of the first presidency of the 21st Century.

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