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Irregular Apparel is the t-shirt store for progressive and liberally minded people who care about ethical messages and ethical production. We offer politically and socially aware messages on clothing for men, women, kids and even babies that is colorful, inexpensive, covered with sass-filled designing but made without sweatshop labor. We love to wear great looking shirts, but we don't like having a guilty conscience about the threads we wear and sell. Most clothing today is made in sweatshops where workers are abused and paid a pittance. That's hideous, but there is an alternative. Every shirt we sell here is printed by the Ohio community outfit Skreened and made in worker-friendly conditions by American Apparel. Now that's real comfort.

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We're relatively new to the whole selling thing, but we've been writing an online journal for thirteen years now -- a pretty long time for the Internet. It's called Irregular Times -- check it out when you get the chance.

Ethical Shirts Embracing Alternative Sexuality:

Gay Heart Shirt
Show your proud identity not just as a gay man, but as a gay man in a committed relationship. Support same-sex unions everywhere when you make your strong statement of love. Love is good.

I Aborted Jesus ... Shirt
"I Aborted Jesus on my way to the Gay Bar."" Whoops, no Second Coming! Boldly reject moral dictates about your sexual propriety when you wear this sass-filled shirt.

I'll Give Up My Choice When John McCain Gets Pregnant.
You did know that John McCain has sworn he will remove a woman's choice to obtain an abortion in America should he become president, right? Well, I'll Give Up My Right to Choose When John McCain Gets Pregnant.

Never gonna happen.

I'll Give Up My Choice... American Apparel Shirt
Accompanied by the face of a young woman rolling her eyes is the text, "I'll Give Up My Choice when Bush Gets Pregnant."

Keep Abortion Legal (Pro-Choice T-Shirt Made in the USA)
Keep Abortion Legal -- it's not the Government's choice. This pro-choice shirt is made in the USA by American Apparel, and printed in Columbus, Ohio by Skreened.

Love is Love Shirt
Love is love. No matter what configuration, what pattern, what orientation or organization or ordination is involved, when two people unite in commitment to one another, we call it love. And isn't love a good thing?

My Bedroom, My Business Shirt
My Bedroom, My Business. Got it? Good.

No, George, I'm the Decider (Pro-Choice Shirt)
Say it loudly and proudly to our Commentator in Chief: No, George, I'm the Decider. Make it clear that you're part of Pro-Choice America!

Pink Triangle Anti-Bush American Apparel Shirt
George W. Bush's presidency has marked a move away from presumptions of individual autonomy -- that we could all act as we saw fit so long as it hurt nobody -- and toward a dangerous authoritarianism. This is especially true when it comes to the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Share your concern for queer rights and your opposition to Bush policy when you wear this pink triangle / red slash through W t-shirt.

Pro-Choice, Anti-Bush Shirt
You're Pro-Choice. You believe your body belongs to you. You believe in autonomy and liberty. And that's why you're Anti-Bush. You know it -- now make sure others know it, too!

Pro-Choice, Anti-McCain T-Shirt
John McCain has repeatedly promised that if he is elected President in 2008, he will appoint Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe v. Wade and extinguish a woman's right to control her own body. To support liberty in America, vote against John McCain in November of 2008.

Rainbow Triangle Badge T-Shirt
A rainbow triangle placed stylishly on the corner of your shirt shows your gay and lesbian affirmative identity. We all belong under the rainbow.

These Colors Don't Run Either American Apparel Shirt
People are fond of saying "These Colors Don't Run!" to refer to courage in defense of one set of ideas. But courage exists in other communities as well. Show your spiritual courage as one of the people under the rainbow when you wear this shirt of unity in diversity.

Whatever Rocks Your Socks (T-Shirt)
Gay, Straight, Lesbian -- Hey, it's love. Whatever Rocks Your Socks!
Each and every shirt we sell is available in the following styles and colors:
Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Cranberry, Gold, Lemon, Lime, Mint, Pink, and White

Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange and Purple

Fitted T-Shirt
Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Gold, Grass, Heather Gray, Lemon, Pink, Sea Foam, Silver, Slate and White

Organic T-Shirt
Organic Cotton T-Shirt
Colors in Men's and Women's Styles: Natural, Pomegranate, Cinder, Dijon, Galaxy Blue

Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Silver

Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Colors: White, Green, Gray

Fitted Baseball Jersey
Fitted Baseball Jersey
Colors: White with Black Sleeves, White with Green Sleeves

Kids T-Shirt
Kids' T-Shirt
Colors: Yellow, Pink, Baby Blue, Green, Gray, Slate, White

Onesies for Babies
Baby Onesie
Colors: Lemon, Pink, Baby Blue, Heather, Slate and White

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