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Irregular Apparel is the t-shirt store for people who care about ethical messages and ethical production. We offer politically and socially aware messages on clothing for men, women, kids and even babies that is colorful, inexpensive, covered with sass-filled designing but made without sweatshop labor. We love to wear great looking shirts, but we don't like having a guilty conscience about the threads we wear and sell. Most clothing today is made in sweatshops where workers are abused and paid a pittance. That's hideous, but there is an alternative. Every shirt we sell here is printed by the Ohio community outfit Skreened and made in worker-friendly conditions by American Apparel. Now that's real comfort.

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Ethically-Produced Shirts With a Message Against George Dubya Bush:

Alphabet With No W (Anti-Bush Shirt)
A, B, C, D, E, F, G ... but wait! What's that? No W? Oh, good.

This anti-Bush t-shirt, like all shirts we offer through Skreened, are made proudly in the USA without any sweatshop labor by American Apparel.

American Flag Anti-Bush American Apparel Shirt
The American flag stands next to the red slash through W as a joint statement of commitment to the United States of America and opposition to the agenda and regime of George W. Bush.

And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
I Voted Twice, and All I Got Was This Lousy President! (Anti-Bush Shirt)

Another Word Problem Anti-Bush Shirt
Word Problem: One man lies about with whom he had sex. Another man lies about why we must go to war. Which man is impeached? Explain.

Baby Jesus Says "Impeach Bush!" (Shirt)
The Baby Jesus says, "Impeach Bush!" And, you know, if the Baby Jesus thinks it's a good idea, then it probably is.

Billionaires for Bush T-Shirt
Billions and billions -- but not in the way Carl Sagan imagined -- stand in support of George W. Bush.

Bush as Roscoe P. Coltrane
Think about it for a minute: Haven't you noticed a disturbing similarity between Republican President George W. Bush and Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane, the stutteringly incompetent character from The Dukes of Hazard with the obviously fake Southern accent?

Ask the obvious question with this t-shirt: Who let Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane into the White House?

George Bush is a fake, but this t-shirt is genuine made in the USA - no overseas outsourced sweatshop factories make the t-shirts we sell here at Skreened.

Against Bush, For a Change Shirt

Bush Lied Shirt
George W. Bush lied to the nation in the leadup to the Iraq War. I'm not exaggerating. Here's the straightforward truth:

The Defense Intelligence Agency reported the following to George W. Bush in September of 2002: "There is no reliable information on whether Iraq is producing or stockpiling chemical weapons or whether Iraq has or will establish its chemical agent production facilities."

George W. Bush nevertheless reported the following in a speech to the American people on September 26, 2002: "The Iraqi regime possesses biological and chemical weapons. The Iraqi regime is building the facilities necessary to make more biological and chemical weapons." Bush lied. People died.

Bush Words (American Apparel Anti-Bush Shirt)
Irresponsibush. Inexcusibush. Unfathomabush. Abominabush. Culpabush. Deplorabush. Unforgivabush!

Bush: Big Fat Meanie (American Apparel Shirt)
George W. Bush: why, he's nothing but a, a, a, BIG FAT MEANIE!!!!

Sigh. I can't tell you how much better I feel having gotten that off my chest.

Bush: Errorist (American Apparel Shirt)
George W. Bush is a known Errorist! Share this sour, unhappily accurate joke.

Bush: Intelligent Design? (American Apparel Shirt)
If Intelligent Design is a valid scientific theory, then how do we explain George W. Bush? Hmmm? Well, that's a poser, isn't it?

Bush: Pray Real Hard T-Shirt
George W. Bush wants Americans to start praying. The way he's been running his presidency, I'm sure Americans have been praying harder than ever before. This shirt, like all shirts we sell here at Skreened, are made ethically in the USA by American Apparel.

Bush: The Buck Stops Over There
There. See that Buck? See, it stops over there. Over yonder. Right there. There it goes. Bye, bye, buck.

This anti-Bush shirt, like every shirt we sell through Skreened, is made ethically and sweatshop-free by American Apparel.

Cheney: Shoot First / Bush: Ask Questions Later
The "Shoot First, Ask Questions Later" attitude isn't limited to shooting birds and friends that have just been shoved out of cages. It characterizes just about everything having to do with the administration of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

Classic Slash through W Anti-Bush Shirt
It's the symbol come to be recognized the world over for opposition to the agenda of George W. Bush: the red slash through the letter W. Do you agree with the sentiment of the symbol? Wear it!

Colorful Slash Through W Anti-Bush Shirt
The classic icon of opposition to George W. Bush, the red slash through W, is surrounded by a variety of bright colors, symbolizing the diversity of belief, thought and behavior that Mr. Bush could never manage to tolerate.

Dwarf Planet, Dwarf President
Two small bodies: one in space, and one just spacey.

Earth Anti-Bush American Apparel T-Shirt
Do you find yourself in opposition to George W. Bush because George W. Bush places himself in opposition to the Earth? Declare your support for the environment and your opposition to Bush with this Globe and Slash through W t-shirt.

Flag With Embedded Bush Opposition (T-Shirt)
This American flag is topped by an integrated symbol of opposition to George W. Bush: the red slash through W. Show your opposition and your patriotism when you wear this t-shirt.

Design by Irregular Times, the place for news that simply refuses to fit.

George W. Bush Endorses John McCain. Nuff Said. (T-Shirt)
If you need to get a quick sense, a snapshot, the gestalt if you will of John McCain, you just need one piece of information. George W. Bush has endorsed John McCain. 'Nuff said... I'll be voting elsewhere, thank you very much! (Anti-Bush, Anti-McCain T-Shirt)

George W. Bush is Watching You
George W. Bush is big brother, with programs like Total Information Awareness, Eagle Eyes, warrantless wiretapping, and Patriot Act spies sent out to infiltrate dissident political groups even though no law has been broken. Your private activities are now public information.

Fight Homeland Insecurity!. Wear this shirt, made by American Apparel right here in the United States, to let George W. Bush and his government spies know that they may be watching you, but you're watching them too.

George W. Bush Word Problem Shirt
Word Problem: George W. Bush leaves Washington, DC on a train traveling WSW at a speed of 50 miles per hour. How many million Americans cheer?

Impeach Cheney
Vice President Dick Cheney has worked to twist intelligence in order to get the United States into an illegal war. He has conducted illegal wiretapping against law abiding American citizens. He has had people imprisoned without trial, without access to lawyers, and instituted policies that approve of their torture. Oh, and then there's that whole thing about exposing the identity of an undercover CIA agent for political purposes.

Wear this t-shirt to help add pressure on members of Congress to impeach Cheney, because no one, not even the Vice President of the United States, is above the law. Wearing this activist t-shirt, you can rest assured that your actions are ethical. Unlike too many other political t-shirts, this t-shirt is not made in an overseas sweatshop. It's made right here in the United States by American Apparel, sweatshop free.

Impeach. (American Apparel Shirt)

Yep, that's it. Sometimes, there's really nothing more you need to say.

Inauguration Day 2009: The End Of An Error
The presidency of George W. Bush has been one great mistake after another right from the start. Now, after eight years of suffering, the United States is finally nearing a point of hope: Inauguration Day - January 20, 2009.

Inauguration Day 2009 will be the end of an error. Celebrate the coming of the leaving of George W. Bush with this inauguration t-shirt, made in the USA, which shows Bush finally being kicked out of the White House. Goodbye, George. Good riddance!

Jesus told me to Mock Bush (American Apparel Shirt)
Hey, man, don't give me a hard time about it -- you know, Jesus told me to Mock Bush!

No King George (American Apparel Shirt)
This slash through a W with a crown on its ""head"" sends the message that you aren't in the mood for George W. Bush and his brand of American Monarchy. This is America: we have no Kings!

No More Dynasties, No More Bushes, No More Clintons T-Shirt
Have you had it up to here with the notion that political leadership in the United States of America is some kind of aristocratic thing, with rule passing down within families? Isn't it time for some new blood? Say it with me now: No more dynasties, No more Bushes and No more Clintons!

Now Watch This Drive (American Apparel T-Shirt)
As George W. Bush famously put it when choosing to finish his golf game rather than confront the disastrous Iraq War, "Now Watch This Drive." Elitist snob!

Ornate Red Slash Through W Anti-Bush Shirt
You know the classic red slash through W design which denotes opposition to George W. Bush. Consider amending it with this design, which surrounds Bush with the shades of gray that he could never manage to see.

Peace, Earth, Love, No W (Anti-Bush Shirt)
These are the four icons that must guide our times: Peace. Earth. Love. Those three icons lead to our fourth: No more W, no to Bush.

Peace, Earth, Yin-Yang, Not Bush (American Apparel Shirt)
Display your life orientation symbolically: Peace, Earth, Yin Yang, Not W. The first three are what informs our Bush opposition.

Pluto isn't a Planet? Anti-Bush T-Shirt
Pluto isn't a planet? That's like saying Rhode Island isn't a state! Or the Chicago Cubs aren't a baseball team! Or George W. Bush isn't a presi... Um, OK.

So can we Impeach for a Blown Job? Shirt
We all found out a president can be impeached for a blow job. But can you impeach for a blown job?

Somewhere in Texas Anti-Bush T-Shirt
Somewhere in Texas a Village is Missing its Idiot -- and it's time he returned home. Come on, George Dubya, come home.

Rosie the Riveter Cries Out: Impeach! (Anti-Bush T-Shirt)
Rosie the Riveter has had it with George W. Bush. So she's coming out of retirement to make her clarion call: Impeach!

StupidAssIgnorantDumbFuckOcracy T-Shirt
The administration of George W. Bush has led to the definition of a new term: StupidAssIgnorantDumbFuckOcracy.

Support Our Oops!
George W. Bush and Dick Cheney say, "Support Our Troops!" all the time. But that's not really what they mean. If you listen closely, it sounds much more like "Support Our Oops!" Wars should not be fought to cover up for powerful people's mistakes.

Texans United Against Bush T-Shirt
Texas has had enough -- he's making us look really, really bad! Texans United Against Bush.

The Decider (Bush Marionette T-Shirt)
Is George Bush really the decider? Oh, dear.

The Decider (Pointing Disco Bush T-Shirt)
Watch where you stick that finger, Mr. Bush.

This is What Dumbocracy Looks Like T-Shirt
George W. Bush, Mr. Golfer Dude Man: yeah, this is what Dumbocracy looks like.

Yeehaw is Not a Foreign Policy T-Shirt
When will Cowboy Bush learn that skipping around the room with a hobby horse and yelling "Yeehaw!" is not a foreign policy?
Each and every shirt we sell is available in the following styles and colors:
Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Junior Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Cranberry, Gold, Lemon, Lime, Mint, Pink, and White

Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Junior Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange and Purple

Fitted T-Shirt
Fitted T-Shirt
Colors: Baby Blue, Gold, Grass, Heather Gray, Lemon, Pink, Sea Foam, Silver, Slate and White

Organic T-Shirt
Organic Cotton T-Shirt
Colors in Men's and Women's Styles: Natural, Pomegranate, Cinder, Dijon, Galaxy Blue

Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Fitted Ringer T-Shirt
Colors: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Silver

Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Colors: White, Green, Gray

Fitted Baseball Jersey
Fitted Baseball Jersey
Colors: White with Black Sleeves, White with Green Sleeves

Kids T-Shirt
Kids' T-Shirt
Colors: Yellow, Pink, Baby Blue, Green, Gray, Slate, White

Onesies for Babies
Baby Onesie
Colors: Lemon, Pink, Baby Blue, Heather, Slate and White

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